MHW CEO John Beaudette talks to Alexander Smith about the company’s unique US distribution model.Untitled

John Beaudette was one of the first to see the opportunity for a service-based approach.  MHW was founded in 1934, and was a traditional importer/brand marketer until the late 1960s when it was acquired by PepsiCo.  In 1994, MHW had to find a new role.  It was at that juncture that John Beaudette saw an opportunity to take the company in a new direction.  In the article, he explains: “I had this concept of helping these small brands get into the US market.  With supplier and wholesaler consolidation, these new products had no route-t0-market in the US.  You only get a few chances in life, so along with a couple of Pepsi executives we were able to strike a deal and took the company forward, but under a whole new service model.”

Not only does MHW ship or import into any US state, it also has wholesale licenses in New York, New Jersey, and California, which allow MHW to sell directly to retail trade.  MHW also provides back-office operations, resources and licensing services in all 50 states.  The company services more than 350 clients representing thousands of brands covering beer, wine and spirits sourced domestically and internationally from over 65 different countries.

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