The AuTT recently featured John Beaudette in a seminar about the US Beverage Alcohol Industry & Brand Entry Considerations, where he gave a detailed overview of US wine, beer and spirits market data, brand entry strategy, and the history of the three-tier system.

Beaudette’s presentation highlighted the state of the US industry via an extensive synopsis of recent data.  By extrapolating effective pricing examples and market entry navigation tips, his presentation sets the framework for an operative route to market for international brand owners.

The key points covered in the seminar were:

  • Top 10 wine states for wine, beer, and spirits;
  • Category shares by type for wine, beer and spirits;
  • Data of national wineries, distilleries, and breweries;
  • Insight into domestic vs. imported;
  • On and off premise trends;
  • Consumer trends;
  • Market entry strategy;
  • Imported brand economic examples;
  • distribution entity & brand trends.

A copy of John’s presentation can be seen here